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Shu-mei Shih
NameShu-mei Shih
Highest DegreePh.D.
Research FocusModern Sinophone Literature from Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and China; Postcolonial Theory; feminism; transnationalism; world literature
Research projectsTwo monographs in progress:
Empires of the Sinophone
Comparison as Relation

Kuo-ch’ing Tu
NameKuo-ch’ing Tu
Highest DegreePh. D., Chinese Literature, Stanford University
Research FocusChinese Literature, Chinese Poetics and Literary Theories, Taiwan Literature, Comparative Poetics East and West, and World Literatures in Chinese.
Research projectsEstablished Center for Taiwan Studies and the Lai Ho and Wu Cho-liu Endowed Chair in Taiwan Studies at UCSB, offering courses on special topics in Taiwan Studies, providing Taiwan studies fellowships and postdoctoral research grants, publishing Taiwan Literature English Translation Series bi-annually, as well as Taiwan Literature: Chinese-English Bilingual Series and the Taiwan Writers Translation Series.

Host international academic events on Taiwan studies, including Taiwan literature and international cultural conferences, Taiwan studies lecture series, and Taiwan writers in residence program at UCSB.

Highest DegreePh.D (Sociology), The University of Tokyo
Research FocusHistory of modern Taiwan
Research projectsDemocratization in Taiwan from Comparative Perspective; Politics and Political Thoughts in Contemporary Taiwan

Astrid Lipinsky
NameAstrid Lipinsky
Highest DegreePh.D.
Research FocusTaiwanese society & social movements, Taiwan’s women’s movement + feminist NGO, cross-straits comparison of women’s policies, Taiwanese film, Taiwanese society under Japanese colonial rule
Current research and teaching focus:
1) Taiwanese former “comfort women”
2) Taiwan’s international outreach strategies
Research projectsThe adoption of UN conventions into Taiwanese national law & their execution with a focus on CEDAW and CRPD

Agnes Schick-Chen
NameAgnes Schick-Chen
Highest Degree博士
Research FocusLegal and Political culture in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Overseas Chinese communities
Research projects.

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