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Catherine Yeh
NameCatherine Yeh
Highest DegreePhD at Harvard University
Research FocusChinese literature
Research projectsCooperative Program between the College of the Arts and Sciences, Boston University and the Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations, the Ministry of Education, Republic of China (Taiwan)

Robert Lee
NameRobert Lee
Highest DegreePh.D., History, Brown University
Research FocusAsian American Studies
Research projectsNexus Taiwan: Exchange, Migration, and Belonging in Global Cultural, Scientific, and Political Contexts

Joel Atkinson
NameJoel Atkinson
Highest DegreePh.D., (2009), Monash University, Australia
Research FocusInternational Politics of the Asia-Pacific
Research projectsEast Asian foreign aid policy

Hsin-Tian Liao
NameHsin-Tian Liao
Highest DegreePh.D., Art History, University of Central England, Birmingham; Ph.D., Sociology, National Taiwan University
Research FocusTaiwanese Art History, Sociology of Art and Culture, Modern and Postmodern Visual Culture, Postcolonialism and Visual Culture, Calligraphy
Research projectsMOE Taiwan Studies Project, Australian National University (ANU) (July 2010 - June 2013)

John Paden
NameJohn Paden
Highest DegreePh.D., Politics from Harvard University
Research FocusThe Taiwan Studies Program within CAPEC aims to promote academic study and research that enhances the understanding of Taiwan in the areas of humanities and social sciences.
Research projectsCourse development aimed at building-up student research interest in Taiwan. During the past 6 years of collaboration, two courses were offered in each academic year and four students were selected to complete a research project in Taiwan during summer.

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