2007 Taiwan Studies at the Institute of Chinese Studies at Freie Universität Berlin 2007/1/1~2007/12/31
  • Project Description

    1. Visiting Professor working in a Taiwan Studies related field

    Professor Chuang Yih-chyi from the Faculty of Economics at National Chengchi University, a sister university of Freie Universität Berlin, was invited to come to the university as a visiting professor in June and July 2007, to undertake short-term research and teach two courses at the Institute of Chinese Studies. The courses were:

    (1)“Economic Development of Taiwan” - Introducing Taiwan’s unique development experience by examining: the course undertaken by Taiwan’s industrialization and changes to Taiwan’s social structure, the distribution of income, the accumulation of human resources, and financial reforms.

    (2)“Taiwan, China, and Asian Regional Development” investigating major issues affecting Asian Regional Development from different angles, to explain the specific nature of Asian Regional Development, and the mechanisms behind the vigorous development of local and regional economies.

    2. Purchase of Taiwan Studies related books & materials

    Expand resources by purchasing books and materials related to Taiwan’s history, politics, society, and language policies.

    3. Taiwan Studies Research Scholarship

    Alexander Pfenning , a post-graduate student, was awarded a scholarship to conduct field research in Taiwan - between June 16 and July 29 - for his doctorate thesis on the ”Contemporary Formation of Taiwan identity”.

  • Outcome Feature Description

    This Taiwan Studies project with the MOE has made it possible for the university to obtain the latest materials for students studying and conducting research on Taiwan’s society and economy helping to give them a deeper, and at the same time wider, investigation and understanding of faraway Taiwan which has a quite unique political and economic position. This will enable our students and scholars to undertake a more realistic analysis and have a better informed understanding of the current developments in Taiwan’s region.

    Examining, studying, and investigating Taiwan’s immediate international neighborhood from the point of view of Taiwan, gives our students and scholars a macroscopic overview and basis for analysis of the latest dynamic trends, transformations, and developments in Southeast Asia, e.g. in the fields of society, economics, law, and culture, and daily life.

    Purchasing the latest books and publications on Taiwan, and providing a scholarship to a selected doctoral student to go to Taiwan and do field research to assist them to complete a research dissertation and report on a Taiwan-related topic, has had an extremely constructive effect on realistic exchanges and rigorous study in our Institute.


    • School:Free University of Berlin
    • Continent:Europe
    • Country\Area:Germany