Washington University in St. Louis “Taiwan and East Asian Films and Visual Culture”2009/7/1~2012/6/30
  • Project Description

    “Taiwan and East Asian Films and Visual Culture,” July 1, 2009-June 30, 2012:

    • We allocated a portion of the grant to co-organize with National Taiwan University and Fudan University an international conference on, on our campus, on the theme: “War, Violence, and the Aftermath: Historical Memory, Literary Imagination, and Cultural Turn.” Scholars participated in this conference came from National Taiwan University, Academia Sinica, Fudan University, as well as noted scholars from the US and the UK. The conference was held on April 6-7, 2012.
    • A major initiate of the grant is a three-year teaching post-doctoral position to offer both graduate and undergraduate courses in Taiwan cinema and East Asian visual culture. The post-doc organized a three-day Taiwan Film Festival, featuring five Taiwan films that introduced new filmmakers and their remarkable works to the audience of St. Louis, and showcased the irreducible complexity and vitality of Taiwan. 
    • In addition to the post-doctoral fellowship to directly enhance teaching and interest in Taiwan and East Asian cinema and visual culture on our campus, we also set up research fellowships for faculty and doctoral students to go to Taiwan and utilize research facilities in National Taiwan University, one of Washington University’s university partners worldwide, and Academia Sinica where several of Washington University’s faculty members are its academicians.  
    • To provide opportunities for our undergraduate students to know Taiwan better, we set up an internship program that partnered with local private businesses and companies.
    • We also used a portion of the grant for our East Asian Library to purchase additional book and film resources. The East Asian Library was able to purchase 300 volumes and 57 DVDs on Taiwan studies. This purchase greatly increased our holdings on Taiwan-related subjects.
    • On October 3, 2010 Washington University and the National Taiwan University held a symposium on “Taiwan Experiences: A Crossroads in Cultures and Technologies.” The symposium brought together faculty from both institution to collaborate and reflect on their research on how Taiwan’s unique geographic location, historical background, and recent economic development have made the island one of the global crossroads of cultures and technologies.  Washington University has long collaborated with Taiwanese institutions for research and training in areas ranging from humanities and social sciences to engineering and natural sciences and this symposium facilitated further dialogue and encouraged more cooperation between the two universities.
  • Outcome Feature Description

    Our first project has successfully procured a tenure-track position in Film and Media Studies Program, although this position covers the broader East Asian cinemas and the scholar hired has a focus on Japanese films. But this position is still significant as it allows the faculty member to cover a wide range of East Asian films, including Chinese-language cinemas. This result fulfills the project’s intent to promote Chinese-language films, with Taiwan New Wave Cinema at its core.


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