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Educational InstitutionsGraduate Institute of NTUThe Institute’s vision could be summarized in 5 main points:
1. Taiwan Literature is the essence of 100s of years of Taiwanese Experience.
2. Taiwan Literature has already become a specialist field of research.
3. International Academic Circles’ Increasing Interest in Taiwan Literature.
4. Academic Circles in Mainland China Are Actively Pursuing Teaching and Research of Taiwan Literature.
5. Current Educational and Social Needs.
Educational InstitutionsDepartment of Taiwan Culture, Languages and Literature, National Taiwan Normal University1. Nurturing talent in Taiwanese language media broadcasting and mother tongue teachers.
2. Building the core values of Taiwanese literature.
3. Inquiring into multicultural Taiwan.
Educational InstitutionsGraduate Institute of Taiwan History, National Taiwan Normal University 1. Train researchers of Taiwan History.
2. Train professional teachers of Taiwan History.
3. Develop talents with Taiwan consciousness and international perspective.
4. Train Taiwan cultural workers.
Educational InstitutionsGraduate Institute of Taiwan History, Culture and Languages, National Kaohsiung Normal UniversityGraduate Institute of Taiwan Cultures and Languages was established on August 1, 2007, with a focus on Taiwan studies. Three disciplines are integrated into the curricula: history, culture, and languages. Given the diversity of the peoples on the island, the peoples in Taiwan, both Chinese and Austronesian, are the subject for the curricula. The objective is to cultivate the students to be teachers, researchers, and culture practitioners.Website
Educational InstitutionsDepartment of Taiwan and Regional Studies, National Dong Hwa UniversityEmphases and Directions for Development The Department at emphasizes the mastering of the disciplines, theories, and research methods specifically related to “Taiwan Study”.
(1) The combination of Taiwan Study and regional research;
(2) The ability to put together field investigations and literature review;
(3) The ability to apply knowledge and skills of digital information into popularizing local cultures and conducting cross-field research.
Educational InstitutionsDepartment of Taiwan Languages and Communication, National United University1. Training advocates who have solid knowledge of local culture and languages in order to speak for the minorities
2. Training media workers who respect plural ethnic cultures
3. Training proponents of Taiwan culture who have global view and broadened horizon.
Educational InstitutionsNational University of Tainan, Graduate Institute of Taiwan Culture, National University of Tainan1. Taiwanese folklores, religion and rituals.
2. Regional development and local society.
3. Taiwanese urban cultural industry and spatial construction.
4. Maritime culture and Taiwan development.
Educational InstitutionsGraduate School of Taiwanese Culture, National University Taipei of EducationCultivating HR on the study of Taiwan history and literature, promoting academic level of Taiwan studies, establishing the subjectivity of Taiwanese culture.Website
Educational Institutions國立新竹教育大學臺灣語言研究與教學研究所Construing database of Taiwanese languages, literature education and cultivating teaching staffs for Taiwanese languages.Website
Educational InstitutionsDepartment of Taiwanese Languages and Literature, National Taichung University of EducationOur department started to recruit students in 2004, and at present there are four undergraduate year students (i.e. Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.). Besides, we have seven full-time teachers, and every teacher has very outstanding achievements in the academic research and the teaching performance.Website

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