The University of Texas at Austin "Taiwan Studies Program Enhancement Project (the third term of “Taiwan Studies Program” project, 2015-2018)"2009/9/1~2018/8/31
  • Principal Investigator's Talk

    Serving as the Principal Investigator for the MOE Taiwan Studies Program Project at UT Austin is extremely rewarding, especially since literary culture in contemporary Taiwan has been my own research interest for many years. UT Austin is the flagship university in the Southwest of the United States with a student population of 50,000, and it provides an ideal environment for developing a niche program like ours. At the same time, however, without a funded Centre and its own staff, running such a program poses great demand on the personal time and energy of the PI. As the program grows, this challenge becomes even more severe – hopefully there will be some sort of solution in the near future. Ultimately, of course, the valuable opportunities that the project creates for the students and scholarly community at the university in learning about Taiwan are what make all the efforts worthwhile.

  • Principal Investigator's Summary

    • Name:Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang
    • Education:Ph.D., Stanford University; M.A., University of Michigan; B.A., National Taiwan University
    • Title:Professor
    • Specialty:Comparative Literary Theory; Literature of Taiwan