University of Alberta " A Leading Canadian Centre for Taiwan Studies"2011/1/1~2016/12/31
  • Project Description

    The Taiwan Studies program at the University of Alberta is an interdisciplinary project which studies various aspects of Taiwan’s social, political, and cultural transformations. The program strives to promote student learning and research through organizing various academic initiatives, including conferences, study abroad program and much more. We have various scholars from the Departments of East Asian Studies, History, Linguistics, and Political Science, specializing in salient aspects of Taiwan’s social, political, and cultural transformation.

    The Taiwan Studies program supports student learning and research. We host a series of events every year to promote research of Taiwan’s social, political, and cultural transformations. This is including a study in Taiwan exchange program, through partnering with National Taiwan Normal University.

  • Outcome Feature Description

    Starting in 2011, the Taiwan Studies program at the University of Alberta has been very productive and successful in the past 5 years. We successfully increased the visibility of our Taiwan Studies program during the first three years of the project through Taiwan Studies courses, Taiwan documentary film night, conferences, and etc. In year four we broadened graduate student and faculty participation by inviting proposals across campus for research projects concerning Taiwan. Seven projects received funding, culminating in a “Taiwan Research Celebration.” Grantees presented their completed academic and artistic projects, including a student-produced documentary film.

    The Department of East Asian Studies’ partnership with the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) bore fruit through the continued success of our faculty-led Study in Taiwan program. Supervised by Dr. Zeb Raft, the program took University of Alberta students to Taipei for the winter semester. Students took courses on Chinese language, literature, and the culture, politics, and history of contemporary Taiwan. They also participated in field trips to Taiwan’s beautiful north and east coasts. Dr. Raft also taught two courses during the Study in Taiwan Program and was attended by students from both the University of Alberta and NTNU, creating a rich cross-cultural educational experience. The Department’s relationship with NTNU has grown much stronger as the result of the program.

    Turning to research and events, one of the most significant activities was the international conference on Taiwan in Dynamic Transition, which we hosted on our campus in May 2013. The level of discussion and exchange among the twenty-plus academic participants in the conference was high, and the academic book co-edited by Dr. Ashley Esarey and me from a selection of the papers presented during the conference is expected to publish later 2016. The Department has also been hosting the Taiwan Documentary Film Night since 2014. Two Taiwan well-known documentaries were played each year. Both screenings were free and open to the public, and the audience reaction was overwhelmingly positive. The success of the event clearly demonstrated that documentaries are excellent educational tools and effective vehicles for introducing contemporary Taiwan to University of Alberta students and members of the Edmonton public.


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