ERCCT Fellowship Scholarship2014/10/1~2017/9/30
  • Project Description

    In accordance with the agenda of the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan, the purpose of the ERCCT Fellowship Program, generously funded by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan (R.O.C.), has been to enable European doctoral students and postdoc researchers to conduct a social science research project on Taiwan at the ERCCT in Tübingen, which since its founding in 2008 has grown into one of the most vital places in the emerging field of Taiwan Studies in Europe.

    The program is thus crucial in attracting to the field of Taiwan Studies the most outstanding talents among young European Asia scholars in the social sciences, thereby making a substantial contribution to furthering academic attention to and awareness of Taiwan as an object of research in its own right.

    As stipulated by the program, the ERCCT Fellowship provides a monthly stipend to cover living expenses and funding for a roundtrip air ticket to Taiwan, since ERCCT Fellows are both expected and eager to do on-site field research in Taiwan for up to one year. Each year’s fellowship is initially granted for two years and, in the case of a Ph.D. student, is extended by another year after a successful evaluation of the grantee's research progress by the ERCCT Fellowship Committee. Postdoc fellows cannot apply for a third year. The successful applicant automatically became an ERCCT Research Fellow and has been required to stay at the ERCCT for at least one year to take part in its program and activities. Applicants have to be European doctoral students (graduates) or European postdocs based at European or Taiwanese universities or Taiwanese postdocs based at a European University.

    For more information on the ERCCT you may refer to the center’s homepage at:

  • Outcome Feature Description

    The Ministry of Education grants 80% of the current ERCCT Fellowship since 2014 for three consecutive years.

    Ms. Elisa Tamburo, who is a registered Ph.D. student at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, was selected as grantee of the ERCCT Fellowship in 2014 for her project on the lived memories of first generation mainlanders in a Taipei military dependents village. She joined the ERCCT in October 2014. In February of 2015, Ms. Tamburo presented her research project in the ERCCT Taiwan Colloquium, where ERCCT director Prof. Schubert and the ERCCT fellows constructively discussed the methodological aspects of the project. A month later, in March 2015, she went to Taiwan in order to conduct her field studies in Beitou, Taipei, where she is undertaking a 15 months anthropological field research.

    The China Times had a report on her in December 2015:

    Ms. Tamburo says:

    The ERCCT Fellowship Program is a great opportunity for me to join the ERCCT at Tübingen University and also to conduct fieldwork in Taiwan, which is of crucial importance to an anthropological project like mine. Therefore, I’m really grateful to Taiwan’s Ministry of Education for supporting the ERCCT with this grant!

    Dr. Tseng Yu-Chin 曾育勤, was selected as grantee of the ERCCT Fellowship in 2015 for her research project on mixed marriages between people from (formerly) conflicting countries/areas. She joined the ERCCT in October 2015, coming from the Department of Sociology at the University of Essex, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, where she got her Ph.D. in 2015. In April 2016, Dr. Tseng went to London to conduct interviews as field research for her postdoctoral research project. In June 2016 she took part in the ERCCT Young Scholar Workshop.

    Dr. Tseng says:

    The ERCCT has provided me with a supportive research environment, friendly colleagues and all necessary resources, which made it an ideal place for my research project. Without the ERCCT Fellowship Program this would not have been possible. As a resident fellow, the ERCCT Fellowship Program has enabled me to maintain close contact with the research communities of Taiwan Studies around Europe. At the same time, ERCCT events have been very engaging, and a great setting for conversations, exchange of ideas, and networking with Taiwanese scholars.

    The ERCCT Fellowship Program is one of the ERCCT’s most effective tools to recruit excellent young scholars of the social sciences and provides them with a great opportunity to come to Tübingen and conduct innovative research projects, thereby founding their academic careers in the field of Taiwan Studies. And as the ERCCT has in recent years developed into one of the most vibrant sites of Taiwan Studies in European social sciences, it is clear that this project has made and is continuing to make a positive and very remarkable impact on the development of Taiwan Studies in Europe, contributing also a lot to the awareness about contemporary Taiwan among European social science scholars. By funding the ERCCT Fellowship Program the Ministry of Education is investing its money very much to the benefit of Taiwan. Our gratitude also goes to the Educational Division of the Taipei Representative Office to the Federal Republic of Germany in Berlin, who are great partners in administering the program.


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