University of British Columbia " Enhancing Taiwan Studies"2009/9/1~2014/8/31
  • Project Description

    The Enhancing Taiwan Studies initiative is a joint commitment between the UBC Department of Asian Studies, the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office Vancouver (TECO) and the Republic of China Ministry of Education (ROC Ministry of Education) to further the study of Mandarin language, and Taiwanese culture and history. Generously supported by TECO and the ROC Ministry of Education, this project builds upon one of the most comprehensive Chinese Studies programs in North America. The five-year (2009-2914) partnership has resulted in the expansion of Mandarin language course offerings and enabled many students to learn about Taiwanese culture and history. The three priority areas of project are as follows:

    1. Courses on/about Taiwan
    2. Awards for Undergraduate Student Mobility (Go Global)
    3. Mandarin Language Teaching Support
  • Outcome Feature Description

    1. Courses on/about Taiwan

    With the support from TECO, the Department of Asian Studies was able to offer courses about Taiwan: ASIA 456 (History and Culture of Taiwan) and ASIA 363 (Fiction and Film from Modern Taiwan). Both courses were popular with our students.

    The Department of Asian Studies also partnered with TaiwanFest in 2011 and 2012, which featured a series of events and performances to celebrate Taiwan arts and culture.

    • At 2011 TaiwanFest we invited Dr. Jolan Hsieh (Associate Professor, College of Indigenous Studies, National Dong Hwa University) to present a lecture on “Constructing Indigenous Stereotypes and Identities in Taiwan”
    • At 2012 TaiwanFest we sponsored a lecture by Lung Yingtai, Minister of Culture, to present a lecture on “A Tiny, Vibrant, Other China—Some Unofficial Observations on Civil Society”

    This unique partnership has provided a platform for in-depth presentations and discussion on Taiwanese arts and culture and has raised Taiwan’s profile in Canada.

    1. Awards for Undergraduate Student Mobility (Go Global)

    The Department of Asian Studies worked with Go Global (a UBC resource that develops and facilitates international learning opportunities through academic exchange, group study programs, research and service learning) to recruit 2-4 undergraduate students each year for scholarship awards to study for either a semester or a full academic year at one of our partner universities in Taiwan. By studying at another university, in another part of the world, students immerse themselves in a new language and culture. This immersion experience allows students to connect meaningfully with people in the host country and experience a different academic perspective and culture. It allows students to experience international issues and ideas from a fresh perspective, and is an opportunity to challenge students in a new environment and to gain confidence while strengthening life skills.

    1. Mandarin Language Teaching Support

    TECO’s generous investment has significantly helped to meet the high demand for Mandarin language courses. We increased our teaching capacity in the Mandarin language program and provided heritage and non-heritage students with opportunities to study Mandarin during the winter, spring and summer terms. Through these language courses, non-heritage students improved their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Mandarin. They also mastered an active vocabulary of approximately 500 Chinese words and applied basic grammar rules in their first year of study. Heritage learners improved their communication skills in classes that focused on reading and writing; they also gained a better understanding of Chinese culture through their course work.


    • School:University of British Columbia
    • Continent:North America
    • Country\Area:Canada