McGill University " Fund for Faculty Excellence in Taiwan Studies"2013/7/1~2016/6/30
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    The 3-year project, Chair on Taiwan Studies, from July 2013 to June 2016, specifica11y detailing in activities in three priority areas: the Lecture Series in Taiwan Studies, the Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Taiwan Studies, and the acquisition of Taiwan-related materials for the library's East Asian Collection.

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    The Lecture Series and Academic Exchanges in Taiwan Studies

    1. The public lecture, entitled “Context Discovery in the Taiwan History Digital Library: Challenges and Solution” was held on April 11, 2014 followed by a reception. It was delivered by Professor Hsiang Jieh, Distinguished Professor in Computer Science at National Taiwan University. As Director of the Research Center for Digital Humanities at Taiwan National University, Professor Hsiang led a research team in building the Taiwan History Digital Library (THDL). The THDL is a database of primary source collections in Taiwan history. It provides full-text search, metadata search, and other features of great usefulness to researchers. The database currently contains two collections: the Collection of Taiwan-related Documents in the Ming-Qing Imperial Archives and the Collection of Land Deeds in Taiwan, with a total of over 60,000 items in full-text. THDL also provides several online research tools. In his lecture, Professor Hsiang outlined the work that went into the creation of this resource, including challenges faced by his team and lessons learned along the way.
    2. The lecture (April 10, 2015) entitled “Taiwan’s Imagined Geography: Chinese Travelers’ Accounts from the Qing Dynasty” was delivered by Professor Emma Teng, the T.T and Wei Fong Chao, Professor of Asian Civilizations at MIT.
    3. The lecture (April 24, 2015) “ROC (Taiwan) and Canada Relations: Prospects and Opportunities” was delivered by Bruce J.D. Linghu, Representative of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Canada. This lecture was followed by a formal lunch at the Council Room of the Faculty Club.
    4. On April 17-18, 2015, Third Annual McGill Graduate Symposium was conducted. Compared to the symposium in 2014, the symposium committee expanded the event and had 36 participants presenting from 21 different universities. There were 12 different panels that addressed the theme of the symposium, “Diversifying (East) Asia: Ideas, Objects, and Identities,” from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. Professor Peter Perdue from Yale University was the keynote speaker to open the symposium with a talk entitled “Asia From Outside In and Inside Out: New Conceptions of Asian Space and Time.” The keynote address was held at Thomson House and attracted almost 100 attendees.
    5. On June 23, 2015, Dr. Ronald Chung-yam delivered a presentation on a topic entitled “Mapping the Maritime Frontier” at the AAS-Asia Conference which was held at Academia Sinica in Taipei. The AAS-Asia conference is a four-day academic event devoted to planned programs of scholarly papers, roundtable discussions, workshops, and panel sessions on a wide range of issues in research and teaching, and on Asian affairs in general. As the organizer of the panel “Frontier in Late Imperial and Modern Asia: From Inner Mongolia to the East Asian Sea,” Dr. Po collaborated with scholars from Harvard, Yale, UCLA, and the University of Hong Kong to examine and revisit the nature and importance of frontier studies in East Asia. One part of Dr. Po’s presentation talks about the connection between Taiwan and frontier management of the Qing Empire in the long eighteenth century.

    Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Taiwan Studies

    The postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Ronald Chung-yam PO, a native of Hong Kong, was working a Postdoctoral Fellow at McGill's Department of East Asian Studies. His research interests focus on the history of modern China, maritime history, Sino-foreign relations, and the history of frontiers. He has published multiple refereed papers on these topics in the past few years in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, England, and the United States.


    Prior to his position at McGill, Dr. Po was a Visiting Fellow at Pembroke College, the University of Cambridge, a Visiting Scholar at Kyoto University, and a Junior Visiting Lecturer at University of Chicago. He is also a member of the AAS (Association of the Asian Studies), the BACS (British Association for China Studies), the EACS (European Association for China Studies), and the "Exzellenzcluster Asien ind Europa im globalen Kontext" at the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

    In the previous academic years, Dr. Po has expanded his research, which focuses on maritime history of the Qing period and Taiwan (from the late sixteenth to the early twentieth centuries).

    Dr. Po was also responsible for teaching a survey course entitled “The Treasure Island: History of Taiwan” for two consecutive years. Close to 70 students registered for the course. Moreover, his first book, which deals with the connection between the Qing, Taiwan, and the maritime world, is already underway. Two of his articles (written in English), entitled “Writing the Waves: Chinese Maritime Writings in the Long Eighteenth Century” and “Mapping Maritime Power and Control,” has been accepted to be published in peer-reviewed journals: American Journal of Chinese Studies and Late Imperial China respectively. Both journals are the principal journals for scholars of China’s Ming and Qing dynasties all over the world.

    In collaboration with Dr. Shi Song, Dr. Po organized the reading group among the postdoctoral and postgraduate community of the Department of East Asian Studies. The aim of the reading group is to promote profound intellectual discussions among junior scholars and to strengthen the postdoctoral and graduate network. Members of the reading group gather regularly once a month.

    On June 23, 2015, Dr. Ronald Chung-yam delivered a presentation on a topic entitled “Mapping the Maritime Frontier” at the AAS-Asia Conference which was held at Academia Sinica in Taipei.

    The acquisition of Taiwan-related materials for the library's East Asian Collection.

    Dr. Ronald Chung-yam PO has been working closely with librarian Ms. Macy Zheng to expand the Social Science and Humanities Library's resources for Taiwan studies at McGill. These materials, over 80 titles, contribute greatly to research in the field of Taiwan Studies at McGill University.


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