Chair of Taiwan Study Project2017/9/1~2020/8/31
  • Project Description

    The Ministry of Education of Taiwan and The Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Taiwan Studies in 2017 to further strengthen educational exchanges.

    Under the terms of the agreement, the Ministry of Education will sponsor MCI for three consecutive years to offer Taiwan research courses, academic activities and write papers, and will provide at least one annual Ministry of Education Chinese language scholarship.

    *Taiwan studies Courses*

    MCI will organize a Taiwan Studies Course, which will-be available for all MCI students, including international exchange students. The course will be offered once a year, under the framework of the International Program at MCI.

    The course will be integrated into a broader module about Asian business, economics and/or politics. Three ECTS credits wi!l be awarded to participants for the whole module. The main emphasis of the Taiwan Studies Course will be on Taiwan’s economic situation and business opportunities in Taiwan. It will also give students some insight into Taiwanese culture and society.


    *Taiwan Studies Project Scholarship*


    All MCI students must undertake a study abroad exchange semester in their penultimate semester, i.e. semester 5 for bachelor’s degree students; and semester 3 for master’s degree students.

    The Taiwan Studies Scholarships program will commence in the 2017 academic year and will initially run for three years. Each academic year, a Taiwan Studies Scholarship will be awarded to two outstanding MCI students to undertake their study abroad semester in Taiwan to do research for their final thesis.

    The Taiwan Studies Scholarships will be awarded by an MCI selection committee. The main criterion for selection will be the applicant’s current grade point average.

    All Taiwan Studies Scholarship holders must take the Taiwan Studies Course organized by MCI.



  • Outcome Feature Description

    An important component of the cooperation with Taiwan is formed by the Taiwan Studies Project Scholarship. It was only last year that MCI successfully applied for the project which entails scholarships funded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education. Applicants for the scholarship have to face a multi-stage selection process and meet strict criteria: applications are accepted from students with an exceptional grade point average only and, in addition, their academic thesis exposé must bear a relation to the Taiwanese economy or society. To make sure the scholarship holders are well prepared, they attend a preparatory course at MCI.

    *Carmen Kostenzer*, student of the Bachelor’s Degree program in Business & Management, which is taught in English, plans to spend her international semester at Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. The student, from Maurach, Tyrol with a broad range of interests will use her stay in Taiwan to narrow down the topic of her final paper. Bettina Dunkler, from Vienna, a student of the Bachelor’s Degree program in Nonprofit, Social & Health Care Management program, intends to devote her thesis to questions of human rights currently faced by both Austria and Taiwan. Her international semester at I-Shou University, starting in fall 2018, will be perfectly suited to conduct on-site research and examine respective documents.