University of Vienna "Vienna Center for Taiwan Studies"2014/2/1~2018/9/30
  • Project Description

    aims a) institutionalization of Taiwan research b) continuous Taiwan-related German and English language teaching at the Department of East Asian Studies and Global Studies at the University of Vienna c) focus point for academic exchange and research visits from Taiwan d) coordination of bi-lateral projects.

    key focus: 1) Taiwan teaching = regular Taiwan Studies courses; 2) book publishing of research results and lectures in the Vienna Taiwan Studies Series (both book and annual journal with ISBN and ISSN numbers) 3) scholarly exchange both by visits of individual Taiwan scholars and by Austrian-Taiwanese Joint Seminars/ conferences (7 since 2009 with plans for another 3 in 2017 – 2018)

    Bi-lateral Austrian-Taiwanese Conferences

    Date Location Conference Title Counterpart in Taiwan
    28-30  Sept 2009 Vienna Democratic Transition, Political Culture and Social Change in Taiwan National Chengchi University, Taiwan Studies Center
    27-28 Sept 2010 Taipei Justice and Injustices in Transitiona lSocieties: Taiwan and China National Chengchi University, Taiwan Studies Center
    30 Sept – 1 Oct 2011 Vienna

    Immigration Societies.

    A comparative perspective on Austria and Taiwan

    National Chengchi University, Taiwan Studies Center
    7 – 10 Nov 2012 Taipei Social Movements, Rights Discourses and Citizenship: Social and Political Developments in Taiwan in a Regional Perspective National Chengchi University, Taiwan Studies Center
    22-24 Oct 2015 Vienna Gender & Intersectionality in Taiwan and Austria: Differences and Similarities Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan
    24-26 Feb 2016 Taipei Equality: Taiwan and Beyond National Chengchi University, Taiwan Studies Cente

    26-31  Oct


    Tainan Intersectional Perspectives on Migration, Displace-ment and Human Rights Chang Jung Christian University, Tainan

    27-28  Feb


    Vienna Equality: Austria and Beyond National Chengchi University, Taiwan Studies Center

     Taiwan Film and Taiwan Film Screenings at the Vienna Center for  Taiwan Studies


    year topic Films shown
    2008 Famous Taiwan Film directors

    Hou Hsiao-Hsien, City of Sadness

    Cai Mingliang, The Wayward Cloud

    2009 Meilidao. The beautiful island

    March of Happiness , 1999

    The Dull-ice Flower, 1989

    Hill of No Return, 1992

    Cape No. 7, 2008

    Island Etude, 2006

    2010 Taiwanese History and Histories

    In the Name of History – „1895“, 2008

    Prince of Tears, 2009

    Voices of Orchid Island, 1993

    Amis Hip Hop, 1995

    2011 Taiwan Film Nights

    Three Times, 2005

    Kung Fu Dunk/ Shaolin Basketball Hero , 2008

    Zoom Hunting, 2010

    Cannot Live without You, 2009

    The Shoe Fairy, , 2006

    Chocolate Rap, 2006

    2012 Taiwans Films of the 1960s and 1980sRecent Taiwanese Films

    Oyster Girl, 1964

    Beautiful Duckling, 1965

    Dust in the Wind, 1987

    Night Market Hero, 2011

    2014 Taiwan Documentaries

    Rice culture:

    Food from the Heavens, 2009

    Let It Be – The Last Rice Growers, 2005

    The Rice Bomber, 2014

    Bird without Borders, 2009

    Tomb Raptor, 2009

    2015 The Japanese in Taiwanese Film

    Formosa Betrayed, 2009

    Kano, 2014

    Sayon's Bell, 1943

    Duosang – A Borrowed Life, 1994

    2016 So-called “Comfort women” The Song of the Reed, 2014/15

  • Outcome Feature Description

    impact 1) firstly, the VCTS reaches out to other faculties at the University of Vienna and involves teachers and research personnel. 2) VCTS impact reaches beyond the University. VCTS received a honorary certificate by the city of Vienna (the mayor Dr. Häupl) by promoting Vienna through Austrian-Taiwanese conferences. Bi-lateral Austrian-Taiwanese conferences are run since 2009 and include numerous Taiwanese universities 3) The VCTS activities like film screenings are aimed at broader society and involve several local associations (e.g. Frauensolidarität; Amnesty International; Friends of RTI (Radio Taiwan International)

    students’ feedback Erasmus, Global Studies and East Asian Economy and Society master students highly appreciate the supply of English language teaching. They attend the VCTS classes because of the language, and as a result get to know ‘Taiwan.

    interdisciplinary academic research: So far, the VCTS conference projects have involved the history and German language faculties, and also the legal gender and philosophy departments at Johannes Kepler University Linz. 


    • School:University of Vienna
    • Continent:Europe
    • Country\Area:Austria
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