Roma Tre University "Taiwan Studies at Roma Tre University"2013/7/1~2016/6/30
  • Project Description

    The project’s aim was to promote the knowledge of Taiwan culture and literature in Italy, to foster future scholarship in the field of Taiwan literature and culture, to present through lectures and workshops the most remarkable results of Taiwan scholarship in the field of modern and contemporary literature, language and cinema studies within the academic community and among the general public; to establish scholarly relations with Taiwan universities.

  • Outcome Feature Description

    Taiwan research in Italy is still not developed in the Italian Universities; literature courses seldom mention Taiwanese literature, Taiwanese writers or literary works. Apart from a few exceptions, in Italy Chinese culture is considered as belonging only to Mainland China. In the last decades, Chinese research in this area has expanded the range of what is called Chinese literature, in consideration of the fact that the idea of ‘chineseness’ goes beyond geographic boundaries, includes a broader and transnational area where the Chinese language is used to write literature. In this theoretical framework, I have organized several lectures in order to promote the knowledge and understanding of Taiwanese literature, culture, cinema at Roma Tre University.

    In the Chinese literature course I teach, I have added a section dedicated to Taiwanese literature and Taiwan poetry readings.

    During this three years program I have also organized two intensive Chinese language teaching courses (2015 and 2016), held by Taiwanese teachers and aimed at Italian university teachers and graduate students, which have provided an updated overview and knowledge of the Chinese language teaching technology tools.

    During the implementation of this three years program I have supported undergraduate and graduate students to study in Taiwan for short and long-term periods. In order to promote Universities exchanges I have signed agreements with Taiwanese Universities, among them are Taiwan National Normal University, Fu Ren Catholic University and Shih-hsin University. With those Universities we have student exchanges on annual basis. 

    During this three years program I have also worked at the translation of literary works by Taiwanese well-known poets. Since the 1990s, Italy has began publishing contemporary Chinese literary works, but has not yet started a systematic translation of Taiwanese literary works. Only a few writers’ works have been translated into Italian, such as Li Ang’s The butcher’s wife and one collection of short stories by contemporary writers.

    I translated poems by celebrated Taiwan poets Hsi Murong and Yang Mu. Hsi Murong poems anthology has been published by the editor Castelvecchi of Rome, it includes more than fifty poems, a preface and notes for a total of 142 pages. Yang Mu’s poems anthology will be published this year in November, it includes more than 60 poems, a preface and critical notes for a total of about 250 pages.

    Finally a book collecting all the lectures on Taiwan literature and cinema held during this three yeas program will be published at the beginning of next year. It will count around 220 pages and will be used as teaching material.

    Through this three-year program the Italian Academia, student and public have had the possibility to approach and understand the scope and significance of  'Chineseness’ as a new concept that concerns a very wide and transnational area where Chinese is used to write literature, I think that this is a very important achievement.

    Roma Tre University is supporting master and doctoral students to carry out studies on Taiwanese literature.

    Roma Tre University has established academic and students exchanges with several Taiwan Universities.

    I have started to carry out the translation of Taiwan literary works.


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