Osaka University " Taiwanese Language and Culture Curriculum Development Program"2015/4/1~2018/3/31
  • Project Description

    In the recent years, an increasing number of Japanese are turning their interest to Taiwan. However, Chinese education in Japan is fundamentally based on studies of Mainland China, therefore lacking opportunities for students to understand profoundly Taiwan’s language and culture. To tackle this problem, Osaka University School of Foreign Studies (OUSFS)’s Taiwan Studies Project emphasizes in promoting the following five points: (1) Aside from the preexisting classes, organize classes such as “Taiwanese”, “Taiwan Ethnic Culture Studies” and “Multiculturalism in Taiwan”. (2) Occasionally hold lectures by Japanese and Taiwanese professionals of various backgrounds. (3) Conduct language and culture study programs to have students experience Taiwanese culture firsthand. (4) Gather Taiwan-related publications and digital material for research and study. (5) Provide support for publications of Taiwan-related researches and textbooks.

  • Outcome Feature Description

    After a year of implementing the five points mentioned earlier, we have already observed some evident outcome. The biggest achievement comes from organization of Taiwanese language and culture-related classes which have received significant responses. The “Taiwan History” class in which not only students majoring in Chinese but also number of students majoring other languages have enrolled. With the new “Introductory Taiwanese” class, up to 30 students have enrolled showing great curiosity to the language. As for lectures, OUSFS hosted events on November 2015 and July 2016 inviting Professor Meiching Chen of National Cheng Kung University and historian and author Ms. Roujin Chen respectively to have a lecture series. In 2015, OUSFS conducted a study program in late November taking 17 students from Chinese major to Taipei, Taichung, and Nantou for 11 days to conduct studies centered on Wushe Incident. In cooperation with Minoh City, OUSFS has held public lecture event to raise awareness of and develop affinity with Taiwanese culture among the general public.


    • School:Osaka University
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    • Country\Area:Japan