University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University " Taiwan Studies Project"2015/9/16~2018/9/15
  • Project Description

    Translate and publish the Chinese traditional culture books written by the well-known scholars in Taiwan:  This work aimed at providing a reliable references and promoting a deep understanding of traditional Chinese ideology and culture for the teachers and students of Department of Chinese Studies-Faculty of Oriental Studies, Department of Literature, History, Philosophy and other departments of our University.

    Organize Taiwan studies courses: Invite Taiwanese scholars and experts to University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ha Noi to carry out lectures in Taiwan studies, strengthening the existing humanities and social science teaching and research activities. Thereby those courses promote long-term academic cooperation between  Universitys of Vietnam and Taiwan.

    - Conduct academic exchange activities: Arrange an exchange activity of the professors and researchers from Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities to visit the National Donghua University and some other universities in northern Taiwan, for the purpose of understanding the study condition of our alumni in National Donghua University. These activities will help our teachers to have the opportunity to learn about the teaching and research experiences of National Taiwan University and some universities in the northern Taiwan, and to discuss the possibility of cooperation.

    The purpose of the project is to strengthen the understanding of Taiwan's economic, social, cultural and educational aspects for the teachers and students of the Department of Chinese Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies and to promote the research and lecturing activities of Taiwan various fields for our teachers and researchers.

    The project features: At the current projects, almost all the Chinese studies academic exchanges and research projects in our University now are involving with China. The practical and effective activities of this project will contribute a good foundation to promote cultural and educational exchange activities between Vietnam and Taiwan.

  • Outcome Feature Description

    The benefits of the program can be seen from the following aspects:

    Every specific activity of the project contributes to the enhancement of the Taiwanese knowledge for the teachers and students of The Department of Chinese Studies, Faculty of Oriental Studies. Translate and publish traditional Chinese culture book provides valuable references for teachers and students of the University in  theirs teaching and research works at various fields of Taiwan Studies.

    Under this program, our Department will design some courses of Taiwan studies and will guide students and graduate students to select topics and conduct in-depth research on specific issues of Taiwan studies .

    To invite Taiwanese scholars and experts  to the Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities to give lectures and research experiences, such  exchange will help our teachers and students understand Taiwan's traditional and modern economy, culture and social fields. In this way, we also have the opportunity to discuss with Taiwanese scholars the issues of research and teaching that we are concerned with.

    Arrange professors and scholars from Hanoi University of Social Sciences and Humanities to visit Taiwan. we will have an oppotunity to learn more about Taiwan's education system and obtain many valuable practical experiences to prepare for the Taiwan studies program.


    • School:The University of Social Sciences and Humanities-Hanoi
    • Continent:Asia
    • Country\Area:Viet Nam
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    • 2017年5月19日河內人文社科大學校長范光明(左)贈書予駐越南代表處教育組李明組長(右)