Taiwan Studies Seminar at KU Leuven

In 2016 the Taiwan Ministry of Education signed an agreement with KU Leuven to set up a Taiwan Studies Programme, co-sponsoring one Taiwanese scholar every two years to be a visiting scholar at KU Leuven.


Prof. Yang Cheming from National Cheng Kung University was selected as the first Taiwan Studies Chair and came to KU Leuven for 3 months to do research and teach. He also assisted in organizing a Taiwan Studies seminar, which took place at KU Leuven on May 18. KU Leuven invited experts on Buddhism from Taiwan and mainland China: Nagwang Gyatso Vajra Guru of Tuli Monastery in Qinghai, Venerable Huei Kai of Nanhua University and Venerable Fatzang of Wanfo Buddhist Monastery in Tainan, as well as presenters from Belgium, including Prof. Bart Dessein of the University of Ghent and Prof. Peter Baekelmans of KU Leuven. They presented their research on topics such as the comparative study between Buddhism and Western Philosophy, the modernization of Buddhism and the Taiwanization of Buddhism. Afterwards, there was a panel discussion on the role of Buddhism in popular culture. This lively debate was an enjoyable exchange for all participants.


The following day, the practice of Buddhism was highlighted in a Buddhist liturgy of redemption “The Tiantai Rite of Repentance of the Lotus Samadhi”. Other activities, such as a tea ceremony, a calligraphy demonstration, flower arrangements, a pottery exhibition and the sampling of traditional Buddhist vegetarian cuisine, allowed attendants to get a taste of Taiwan’s culture. Vice-Rector Katlijn Malfliet, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Bart Kerremans, Vice-Dean Leen D’Haenens and Deputy Representative Wang Wan-li of the Taipei Representative Office in the EU & Belgium were present to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere, concluding this 2-day seminar as a great success.

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