Spring Festival celebration at Cambridge Universit
Students win characteristically Taiwanese gifts in the prize draw

The Mandarin class in the Department of East Asian Studies, University of Cambridge, has held its annual Spring Festival celebration on the 6th February, the second day of the new lunar year. As usual, the event focused upon paper-cutting, writing spring couplets and other classic Spring Festival activities. The atmosphere was lively and joyful. Apart from students of all levels, teachers and staff members also came to participate in the great event.

In addition, this year’s event received substantial support from the Department of East Asian Studies; therefore, dumplings, spring rolls and other traditional snacks were available at the venue.  To add to the Spring Festival atmosphere and to allow even more people to experience the beauty of traditional characters, Taiwanese teachers produced spring couplets in accordance with convention and everybody who attended the event was able to select a few as a memento of the occasion.  Moreover, in order to promote Taiwanese culture, Taiwanese teachers also brought along their own items from the Forbidden City, environmentally-friendly teabags and other such characteristically Taiwanese small gifts. Any pieces of completed calligraphy or paper-cutting could be entered into a prize draw, with the winners delighted beyond words. The event then ended successfully amid the laughter of teachers and students.

  • Photographs

    • Students win characteristically Taiwanese gifts in the prize draw
    • Taiwanese teacher with students
    • Students and staff display their artworks
  • 中央研究院近代史研究所
  • 漢學研究中心
  • 社會學研究所
  • 國史館臺灣文獻館